Do you want to pack your business into a franchise but have some doubts?
Strategic and expert analysis
We will calculate the cost and profitability of your future franchise
  • Your business is ready to scale-up
  • Franchising may bring profit and will cover investments
  • Your franchise will be attractive for future franchisees
  • Financial calculations of the company's value, potential lump-sum payment and royalty per cent
  • Expert analysis of the niche in general and your business in particular
  • An objective assessment of your financial model from a business analyst
Do you doubt that:
Or to understand you need:
Do not rush to invest without calculating the risks!
Get a turnkey package of documents with a full calculation of the cost of the franchise, the lump sum fee and royalty interest
How not to curtail the program during the first year?
The number of franchised businesses grew at a healthy pace in 2021, increasing by 2.8 percent year-over-year, compared to just 1.7 percent growth before the pandemic. In 2022, we predict another 17,000 new franchised businesses will open, a growth rate of 2.2 percent over 2021.

A franchise is one of the most effective ways to scale up your business. But in order for this to bring the expected results, it is necessary to start with a preliminary calculation and carrying-out a thorough analysis.

To date, almost none of the companies packing businesses into franchises carry out strategic analysis beyond the scope of expensive packaging. It is not profitable for them!
Book a consultation from ScaleUp founder Dayana Asanova
- attorney and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience
We provide
a financial analysis service
Calculation of potential lump-sum payment and royalty (as %)
Preparation of a financial plan that includes indicators of efficiency, profitability and payback of the business on the basis of the financial model of your business
Summary of the financial plan, which is a summary and explanation of the indicators and recommendations for a future franchisor
Payback plan for future investors
Market research and definition of the company concept
  • Do not immediately invest considerable sums in the packaging and development of the franchise
  • Always have a chance to take a step back
  • Do not act blindly
Calculation of the company's current value
What does our financial analysis include?
so that you:
Our work is carried out only from the point of view of franchising activities and planning
Financial plan
Market Assessment
A voluminous document in Excel format with graphs, which contains all the necessary indicators
Evaluation from a business analyst
Expert Opinion
As well as an understanding of the existing state of affairs
Franchise development plan
The ability to make accurate forecasts for your business specifically!
Act competently, calculate risks and
scale up your business
Investment Plan
Documentation with the calculation of the lump-sum payment and royalty indicator
You get:
from 6 990 dirham!
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We have developed a profitable financial model for packaging business in a franchise, which will bring you an income after the sale of the first franchise.
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